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Create an English Country Kitchen With These 11 Elements

by radoo_ngnh2u

An English country kitchen has a warm and welcoming aura, you can feel it as soon as you step foot inside. A hot cup of tea and a fresh loaf of sourdough bread awaits you, like a warm hug from your grandma. 

Do you love English country kitchens? I know I do. There is something about them that makes me feel so calm and happy.

english country kitchen

When decorating your own home, it’s important to discover what you like about a space. It took me a while to figure out what style matched my personality best. As a girl that loves color, copper, florals, crystal chandeliers, raw wood, and open shelving – I should’ve known English country was made for me.

Learning about what makes an English country kitchen has helped me decorate with intent. I know what has a place in my kitchen and what doesn’t. I try to reflect the life that I want to live within my home. Whether you realize it or not, your space affects the way that you live.

What exactly makes up an English country kitchen, you ask? There are so many things, but in this post I am going to include all my favorite elements. I will be sure to include every single one when it’s my turn to create my dream kitchen. By the end of this post, I hope you will be inspired to make a beautiful space, and incorporate some of these elements for whatever style you choose.

Elements of the English country kitchen

One of the best parts about English country style to me is that it is not very expensive to achieve. Facebook marketplace is a great place to find good deals for unique items, as well as antique and consignment shops. There is no need for brand new furniture. Find the real, well-made vintage items and fix them up how you want. Or learn how to make things yourself, like sew a pillow case or make a shelf. You can save a fortune if you have a little bit of patience and desire to learn a new skill. Another great thing? A lot of the items I am going to mention are dual-purpose items, meaning it’s there for decoration and functionality.

There are various elements that make up an English country kitchen. Together they bring a certain feeling to the kitchen. You want it to feel like generations of the same family has loved and cooked in that kitchen. It’s practical, the system of the working kitchen has been established. It’s simple, yet it makes sense.

Wood furniture

Wood furniture is a must in an English country kitchen. Wood tables and mismatch chairs are one of the most important parts to tie in this look. An English country kitchen is not complete without it.

You can even get creative with this, too. I love this old wood cabinet used for a kitchen island, I thought it was genius. Functional and beautiful with storage space, what more can you ask for?

Pastels (English country kitchen must-have!)

Light pinks, blues, greens, or yellow are all great choices to incorporate in your decor. You could use pastels in drapes, rugs, pillows, or even wallpaper. I know it’s a bit of a daring thing to do nowadays, but don’t be afraid. Modern styles focus on grey and white a lot, English country does not. Life is short, and pretty colors make me happy.

Wood ceiling beams

Wood, of course, is a very important material in this style like I mentioned above. Adding some wood beams can make a difference in the over feeling of the kitchen. It definitely makes it feel cozy, and utilizes a space that is usually ignored. I can’t picture english country kitchens without the beams, it ties it all together so well.

Vintage Lounge Chairs

Having enough seating in the kitchen is very important. You don’t want anybody to have to stand around the table. But nice new chairs can be a bit expensive. Add comfortable lounge chairs and set the tone for how you want others to feel in your kitchen.

Crystal Chandelier

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of ambiance. Giving the kitchen a soft orange glow for lighting can make all the difference. Antique crystal chandeliers can add so much character to your kitchen space.

Soft lighting tip: Bring some of your favorite lamps into the kitchen, and use a lampshade. The lampshade makes the lighting just right with a soft, orange glow. You can also use real beeswax candles with brass candlestick holders in the morning before the sun rises.

Ingredients/Food on display

In an English country kitchen, you’re not afraid to display some of your most-used ingredients on your counter, or on a shelf. I’m not talking about putting your sugar and flour into a glass canister on the countertop. Even though it’s nice, glass isn’t used as a focus material in an English country home. Try having some fruit out on the counter, fresh-baked bread, dry hanging herbs, or wheat berries in sight. It adds to the home-y, help yourself vibe.

An English country kitchen is a hard-working kitchen, and that should show. It’s not realistic to have everything put away all the time, I find some joy when my ingredients act as décor

Wood plate holders

Wood hanging plate holders are a fun piece to add to your kitchen. You can use it in a few different ways. You could display your china collection or your everyday plates for practicality. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect wood plate holder for my kitchen, I am looking forward to the day I find it. They are so darling and very practical if you have limited cabinet space or prefer open shelving.

Books/bookshelves/open shelving

What’s a cottage kitchen without well-loved cookbooks? I definitely have the staple cookbooks that I like to keep in the kitchen because I am always grabbing for them. Having a dedicated space for cookbooks adds to the cozy cottage kitchen feel. Plus, guests will likely look through your cookbooks and spark up good conversation.

Custom curtains

My current kitchen doesn’t have a ton of windows, and I dream of the day I have a window above my kitchen sink. For a true English cottage kitchen vibe, toss the kitchen blinds and opt for a curtain instead. You can use a pattern or a nice pastel solid color, the choice is yours to make – but think of it/use it as a statement piece.

Antique Stoves are a statement piece in the English country kitchen

Who doesn’t like antique appliances? Okay, a lot of people I’m sure. But I’m not one of them. What better way to add to the vintage feel than an antique stove? They are powerhouses and last forever. If you take care of your old stove, it will take care of you. Plus, an antique stove will be the centerpiece of the kitchen.

english country kitchen

Hanging Copper Pots

If you haven’t been able to tell so far, English country uses everyday items as home decor. It’s practical, but looks nice, too. Copper pots are one of those things. Hang copper pots and pans anywhere you see fit in your English country kitchen.

So, do you love or hate the English country kitchen?

I love it! But I can see how some would not love it. In my opinion, it’s so distinctively different than the modern farmhouse look that is mainly white, grey, and black. I love that there is a lot of color and character in this style. Do you love or hate this style? If you love it, what is your favorite thing, and would you decorate your kitchen this way? Leave me a comment below with your response, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Lou Ann Bruce October 15, 2022 - 9:43 pm

I love English country kitchens. I used to live in England. Aside from convenience, many items are displayed because there isn’t room for a lot of storage. You have to get creative when you live in a little cottage.

Alexis November 10, 2022 - 2:55 pm

That’s a great point and so true! I love seeing how creative homemakers get with limited storage space. Always so fascinating.


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